Top 6 mistakes to avoid to learn programming well

Top 6 mistakes to avoid to learn programming well

We live in a constantly changing technological world and the reasons for learning to program are increasing day by day. Indeed, the programmer profile is in high demand on the market, but very few people manage to get by in this field. Although the excitement around the code continues to increase, many aspiring programmers still seem not to find the best techniques to learn the code. Contrary to what most people think, learning to code isn’t that hard. By knowing the mistakes to avoid, nothing prevents you from becoming the next Niklaus Wirth.

1- Know everything at once

Unless you have a hyper-capable photographic memory like that of Sylvester Dodd in the Scorpion series, it’s simply impossible to learn everything at once. So avoid learning HTML, JAVA, PHP, C++, and PYTHON at the same time and focus on a single programming language. Start by mastering the first one well, then pass the others in a single file.

You are aware that each programming language is intended for a specific purpose. Learning the programming of several languages ​​from different domains will not be as useful as you think. If you plan to last long in this area, start very early by specializing before thinking about expanding your circle of knowledge. This is a step that many beginners neglect and which ends up having a real impact on their professional life.

2- Be an inactive observer

Most people new to coding spend most of their time reading and watching online tutorials without applying. Programming seems so banal that by following a tutorial, you convince yourself that you can do it on your own. But the reality becomes quite different when you actually start coding. So apply yourself as you learn new things in programming. Also, look online for several resources to keep up with tech news as it happens.

Indeed, you have no certainty that the code present in the document or the video you are watching actually gives the result obtained. The only way to be convinced of this is to write the code yourself in an editor and then compile it, in order to see the result obtained.

3- Stay frozen on the tutorials

Certainly, tutorials are the first resources at your fingertips to learn programming. But that doesn’t stop you from looking for another approach. Try new learning methods to find the one that helps you learn better. If you do not follow tutorials continuously, you can, for example, try your hand at carrying out a concrete project.
Choose to work on an open-source project, in order to touch the realities of the programming world. This experience will allow you to assess your skills and submit to challenges, in addition to those encountered in the tutorials. It brings together both learning and practice to allow you to have a better vision of programming.

4- Do not chat with other people

Every day there are thousands of people around the world who are starting to learn programming. You will therefore not be considered the ‘new kid on the block’ for long by opting for programmer forums on the internet. Do not hesitate to use social media, as well as the many communities present on the web to make new colleagues.

Intervene in the communities and discussion forums by providing answers to the questions asked. You also have the option of asking others for their opinions on your projects or asking them questions for understanding. Whatever the time or the relevance of your question, you will always find someone to answer you.

5- Do more theory than practice

Although reading programming books and tutorials on the subject will strengthen your knowledge in the field, they will never be able to match the experience that practice brings you. After reading, programming syntaxes and processes will fly away if you don’t practice them enough. The practice will allow you to be in perpetual contact with the realities of the codes. Avoid leaving a long dead time between your days of practice. Indeed, the more you practice, the faster and more proficient you become. This will allow you to easily overcome syntax errors that may occur in a code.

6- Do not be challenged

Challenges are one of the reasons programmers exist. This is the best way to realize the limits of your knowledge. Do not hesitate to test your knowledge by taking up the challenges in online forums or in physical communities. Through these challenges, you test your limits and learn new things. It’s a great way to gain self-confidence.
Define which learning method will be the most flexible for you and do not hesitate to embark on the adventure. The world of programming is complex, so following these warnings will serve you well.