Top 7 Best Flight Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

Top 7 Best Apps to Track Aircraft Live (Android and iOS)

Top 7 Best Flight Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

Tourism generates more than a billion trips worldwide every year. This situation makes air travel a little more complex today than before with a large number of stages or stopovers. However, by using live flight tracker apps, you can easily get notified about flight delays, when a flight takes off or lands at an airport, flight changes and many more .

With such an application, you can track the flight of a friend, family member who is visiting you and go to the airport to meet them. There are a significant number of live flight tracker apps in the market which might make it difficult for you to choose. In order to help you find the one that suits your needs, we have selected for you the best apps to track live planes for Android and iOS.

1- FlightStats


The FlightStat app is one of the best live flight trackers available in the market. This application allows you to track all types of flights (commercial or private) anywhere in the world just by using a flight number. The information collected during your search via the flight number (departure time, arrival time, flight plan, weather radar, actual flight path) will be saved in the ‘ My flights ’ tab to which you can access later. FlightStats has a live flight tracking map that gives you the exact position of the flight in question.

This application has a refined interface that allows you to use it with peace of mind. The app is available for free on Play Store and App Store.

2- FlightRadar24


FlightRadar24 is one of the best live flight tracker apps in 2021. This app has a radar map that lets you see live status of any commercial air flight, all private planes and planes- charter. To use this application, you simply have to press on the flight of your choice to have access to all the information such as the route, the departure time, the estimated time of arrival, the speed of the aircraft, altitude and type of aircraft.

With this app, you can search for your flights using just flight number, aircraft registration, airport code, airline and many more. The FlightRadar24 also sends you push notifications followed by departure and arrival information for a type of flight. You will also be entitled to notifications in the event of cancellations, delays, door changes or diversions. It is an application that you can use on Android and on iOS. It is available in free and premium versions.

3- FlightAware Suivi de vol

FlightAware Suivi de vol

FlightAware Flight Tracker has a live map that allows you to track any type of commercial flight. It is one of the most popular flight tracking apps in the world. In addition to this ability to track commercial flights, the FlishtAware Flight Tracker can track all types of flight such as private flights, charter flights and others. This application gives the possibility to its users to search for flights by aircraft registration, by flight number, by airport code, by airline or by the city of departure.

After the search, complete information is sent to the user about the scheduled arrival time, departure time, aircraft speed, route and many more. Likewise, this application displays on a full screen map all the radar details of the flight. Finally, note that you can download this application on Android and on iOS.

4- RadarBox


The RadarBox is one of the best flight tracking apps for any part of the world. This application, available on Play Store and App Store, is simple and easy to use. To use it, simply press on the flight of your choice to access all possible information about it.

You will thus be entitled to the departure time of the plane, the scheduled arrival time, the vertical speed of the flight, the altitude of the latter and many more. However, it should be noted that this application has some advertisements.

5- The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker is a downloadable application on Play Store and App Store. This application allows you to manage and track your flights. It provides you with very detailed information on all available flights and airlines. You will have access to arrival and departure times, terminals and gates, delays and many more.

The app regularly sends you push notifications about flight changes, actual and expected departure or arrival times. It also gives you the possibility of programming reminders concerning departures and arrivals. This is a very useful feature if you need to pick up a loved one at the airport.

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6- Air Traffic

Air Traffic

We cannot complete our overview of the best applications for tracking planes live without mentioning Air Traffic, one of the benchmarks in terms of flight tracking. This application works like a radar. It gives you the real-time positions of the flights. A simple click on the icon of an aircraft gives you all the information about it.

You will be entitled to the following information: airline, departure and arrival time, type of aircraft, departure and destination airport, speed, heading and altitude. Air Traffic has a search engine that allows you to quickly search and find a particular flight. As with previous apps, Air Traffic won’t give you military aircraft flight information. Find Air Traffic on Play Store. Its download is free.

7- The Flight Tracker Pro

The Flight Tracker Pro

The Flight Tracker Pro is a live flight tracking app you can download if you hate posts. Indeed, available on iOS for a subscription of only €9.99, this application allows you to follow any flight anywhere in the world.

It provides you with all possible information about the flight in question. You will thus be entitled to information concerning the time of departure and arrival of the aircraft, seat cards and many others. The application is highly recommended for business travelers, as it allows automatic synchronization with the TripIt account. The Flight Tracker Pro also allows its users to share their flight information via SMS or social media. As a user, you can set a reminder so that you can get to the airport on time.