7 Best Pet Apps For Android And iOS In 2022

7 Best Pet Apps For Android And iOS In 2022

7 Best Pet Apps For Android And iOS In 2022

The development of technology brings innovation in all sectors of activity and in everyday life. Thus, given the affection that pet owners have for their companions, many of these start-ups are setting up applications to seduce them and make their lives easier. What pet owner hasn’t yet looked for places near him that accept animals? Or what owner hasn’t yet wondered how to entertain their companion? These are all concerns that pet apps provide answers to.

1- Hellopet

Hellopet pet app

Do you want to adopt a dog or a cat? If yes, then this app is for you. Indeed, developed by Applepie Studio Inc, Hellopet is an application dedicated to pets. It serves as an animal exchange platform. So you can easily find dogs, cats, or any other pets.

It should be noted that the application grants you a pet of your choice for free as soon as you download it and install it on your phone. Likewise, to adopt other animals on the platform, all you have to do is use or buy the cookies available in the store dedicated to this purpose. Hellopet is an application available and downloadable on Play store and App Store.

2- 11pets

11pets app for animals

Launched in October 2015, 11pets is an application specially dedicated to pet owners who have difficulty remembering to give care to their companions on the right date. Indeed, 11pets has many features that allow them to improve the lives of animals. The application is responsible for providing reminders on everything related to the care of pets.

It also helps to organize their medical data as well as a follow-up of all their medical incidents. In other words, 11pets sends you notifications for each medication you need to administer to your cat or dog. She draws up a calendar of vaccinations, grooming, and deworming. Similarly, 11pets draws up all of your companion’s complete files, your companion’s complete medical history, blood tests, x-ray images, and lab results to name a few. To get 11pets, go to Play Store and App Store. It is free.

3- BarkHappy

BarkHappy application to monitor your dog

Where to go with your dog? Which restaurant accepts pets? If you are asking yourself these kinds of questions, then you must download BarkHappy. Indeed, it is an application that gives you a list of all the dog-friendly places around you. Based on geolocation, BarkHappy allows you to quickly identify restaurants, hotels, or parks that accept the presence of dogs.

It also outlines the policy and other equipment put in place for these structures to provide the right comfort to your companion. And that’s not all! BarkHappy lets you create a profile for your dog and locate other dogs near you. Your friend’s development depends on it. The application can also be used to alert other users in the event of the loss of dogs. Please note, BarkHappy can be used on iOS and Android systems.

4- Chewy


Chewy is a pet app that specializes in selling miscellaneous pet products. Whether you are looking for food for your companion, game accessories, clothing, Chewy is available to serve you. It offers items from more than 1000 brands specializing in pets. The most attractive of all this is that the application can deliver your order to your home. This delivery is free as soon as your basket exceeds $49. Also, you are given a few discounts on your first order and at least 5^off a few brands for your next orders. Chewy is available for free on Play Store and App Store.

5- Yummypets


Are you worried about the distraction and fulfillment of your pet? So, go to Apple Store or Play Store to download Yummypets. Indeed, this application is a social network dedicated to pets. Yummypets has many features such as a forum on which you will have all the news on the animal world. Many tips and tricks are offered to you through its magazine.

On Yummypets, you can easily find a veterinarian near you in case of urgent need. However, just like Facebook, you must register your pet by creating an account for them. You then need to add a profile picture, add their gender and race. The possibility is also given to you to share his daily life through statuses, videos, or photos. Yummypets is an application available on both App Store and Google Play.

6- Dog Walk

Dog Walk app for walking dogs

If there is an application that allows you to share the daily life of your pet, it is Dog Walk. This application allows you to record the route, to know the distance and the duration of the walk made with your companion. To immortalize these moments of pleasure for your dog, you can take pictures of his frolics throughout the walk. Likewise, the application allows you to share these moments with your loved ones. Find Dog Walk on Play Store.

7- Rover

Rover animal tracking app

You like pets, but you are not often available to take care of them. Or you have a business dinner program and you can’t make it with your companion. Rest assured, it is possible to entrust your pet to a pet sitter to take care of him in your absence. For this you need to have Rover. It is an application available for free on Play Store and App Store that puts you in touch with the best pet sitters near you.

Whether it’s for day or night care, for a walk, or for a visit to the vet, you can choose the best pet sitters on Rover. The application allows its users to rate the pet sitters who have hired and this will allow you to choose the best one through the ratings collected. You can rest easy on the go, as Rover lets you track your pet’s walking route or receive notifications every time. Finally, note that payments are very secure on Rover. Your personal information is jealously guarded.