Learn Web Development: Top 10 Best YouTube Channels

Learn Web Development: Top 10 Best YouTube Channels

Are you determined to learn to code or improve your web programming skills? Nowadays, it is easier to acquire knowledge in almost all fields thanks to the Internet. So, you can find a diversity of sources like YouTube channels where you can learn the basics of programming languages ​​like frameworks, JavaScript, Swift, and many more. So what are the best YouTube channels to learn web development? Here is our selection of reference YouTube channels to learn to code.

1- Google Developers

Google Developers

Wherever we talk about innovation, Google is never far away. This firm also has a YouTube channel that it has dedicated to developers. Through this channel, Google offers many tutorials that present interactive lessons, tips, mini-lectures, and news on web development. You can subscribe to this channel to stay informed of all the news and updates in the field.

2- Les Teachers du net

 Les Teachers du net

This YouTube channel is led by one of the references in the field of web development in the person of Honoré HOUNWANOU. The latter is a fan of coding who does not hesitate to share all his knowledge of programming with his community. It is a channel that allows all beginners to learn about web programming by allowing them to take their first steps. Tips and tricks are also available to accompany them.

On Les Teachers du net, you have more than 1500 videos posted online. You will therefore have the opportunity to learn how to use programming software such as PHP, Python, Framework, Django, HTML, CSS, and many others. This channel also has tutorials on other tools like NodeJS, WordPress, and Git. Want to get started in the field of web development, you must follow the videos on this channel.

3- Codecourse


Codecourses is a channel on which Alex broadcasts a series of videos about coding. It provides its subscribers with various well-detailed programming courses as well as extensive demos on several videos. This is a channel where you can learn the basics of web development for free. For example, you will find tutorials on how to create CSS from Bourbon & Neat and videos on how to create MVC applications from A to Z in PHP. It should be noted that with Codecourse, you can easily master programming languages ​​such as CSS, PHP, and hosting.

4- Learn Code Academy

Learn Code Academy

Created only in 2012, Learn Code Academy is now one of the best web programming learning channels on YouTube. It is a channel that attracts thousands of coding lovers and some of its videos sometimes reach 50,000 views in just a few hours. With sometimes a bit of humor in his explanations, the owner of the channel teaches you the fundamentals of HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, Cheatsheet ES6, and modular JavaScript. The channel also offers tutorials on server administration, deployment strategies, and more.

5- Graven-Développement


This YouTube channel was created in July 2013 and has over 250,000 subscribers to date. It’s simply one of the best channels to teach you about web programming as a whole, but web development specifically. With more than 178 online tutorials, the channel offers you the opportunity to access courses on programming languages ​​such as Python, and Java, but also tutorials on the process of creating Android applications.

6- DevTips


DevTips is one of the best YouTube channels dedicated to web programming. Indeed, the tutorials on this channel are made with the greatest care. The videos are produced on a weekly basis, each addressing a specific subject with very precise details. However, we recommend this channel to those who already have a certain level of coding, because the presenter goes a little fast in his explanations. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of programming languages ​​like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. If you also want to stay up to date with the latest trends in the field of web development, all you have to do is subscribe to this channel.

7- Derek Banas

Derek Banas

It is a channel that introduces you to different programming tutorials in multiple languages. With Derek Banas, you will learn to use programming languages ​​such as CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, SASS, Swift, Dart, GO, and many more. Note that 30 minutes of viewing is more than enough for you to acquire the best notions of JavaScript programming, as the explanations are clear and easily assimilated.

8- Grafikart.fr


Created in October 2013, Grafikart is a YouTube channel that is specially focused on web development and graphic design. It is now one of the best programming channels most viewed by developers, as evidenced by its community of more than 235,000 subscribers. The channel currently has more than 1300 videos on different programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, PHP, SASS, LESS, and many others. And that’s not all. Grafikart.fr allows you to acquire notions on the different FrameWork through courses on CakePHP, Laravel, Ruby On Rails, Symfony, Angular, VUE, Bootstrap, REACT, and others.

9- Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury is a coding enthusiast and he does not hesitate to share his knowledge and experiences with his large community. In his videos, Adam Khoury explains how to use coding languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, PHP, ActionScript, JavaScript, SQL, and many others. If you are a beginner thirsty for knowledge in web programming, you can subscribe to his channel to get started in the deep end.

10- Primfx


Primfx is a YouTube channel launched in 2012 to share with Internet users the different notions of web development. Today, the channel has over 200 videos online with a community of over 65,000 subscribers. This is a channel that beginners in the world of coding will feel comfortable on, as it offers in-depth tutorials on handling programming languages ​​like PHP, HTML+CSS, JavaScript, and many more. This is a veritable gold mine of information on web development. If you’re looking for a web development YouTube channel that walks you through the basics of programming in great detail, you’ve come to the right place.