The 14 best programming languages ​​in 2023

The 14 best programming languages ​​in 2023

Today, digital has reached all sectors of society. The shift to a fully computerized world is no longer a surprise, but rather an evidence. As soon as a digital innovation appears in a field, it is expected to become obsolete in the next few days. A rapid and spectacular evolution made possible thanks to the continuous emergence of programming languages. Computer geniuses continue to achieve, every year, real feats in the development and improvement of programming languages ​​every year. If you have a digital project, it would be beneficial for you to learn about current programming languages. For this purpose, we have selected for you the best programming languages ​​of 2021.

1- Python

logo Python best programming languages ​

Upon its appearance, the Python programming language quickly joined the ranks of the best in its field. In addition to its ease of use, which saves developers considerable time, this tool is royalty-free. A beginner can use it in computer programming given its easy handling.

Python’s libraries are equipped enough to facilitate the development of all kinds of applications and software. It is the ideal way to program Big Data type applications. Also, Python is recognized for its ability to design software related to artificial intelligence. Of course, Python is also used for website development (including social networking sites) as well as many other types of software.

2- Java

logo java programming languages ​

You will definitely appreciate the Java programming language if you are a developer of applications or all types of processes on different devices. It is useful for almost any project and is mostly self-contained. Whether creating special programs for websites, software for the IoT, vending machines, sales terminals, or applications for smartphones, Java is very practical and meets your needs appropriately.

As a reminder, Java was the only language used for Android application development for a long time. Today it is in competition with Kotlin, but still maintains its benchmark position with developers.

Similarly, Java keeps a place of choice in the development of video games and continues to surprise in this sector with these latest updates. It is used by many programmers.

3- JavaScript

logo JavaScript

If JavaScript is so much in demand by a large number of developers, it is because of its ability to read the code by itself and then perform the requested actions. This programming language, therefore, requires no compilation and therefore represents one of the best existing tools for creating a website, especially if you plan to include visual elements. It can be used for the development of mobile applications, web applications, servers, and any other computer program.

Like Java, JavaScript is also used in the development of video games and in this sense is very effective. It has the necessary features for perfect programming of online and other games.

4- Swift

logo Swift

If you are planning to develop an iOS or macOS application, Swift can seriously serve you. This programming language specializes in projects adaptable to these operating systems. It is completely Open Source and has already proven itself for years. It is much appreciated for its ease of use and is requested by a large number of developers.

5- PHP

logo php.png

For good communication between the web and the server, adopt the PHP programming language. It is a general-purpose language that meshes well when it comes to web page stability with servers. You can use PHP to do different types of projects and get the most out of them. The positive reviews of this software are really impressive.

6- C#

logo C#

C# is a programming language from the giant Microsoft known for its reliability in the development of software and applications of all kinds. It is generally called upon by major financial institutions and state administrations for the development of specific programs.

However, C# can also be used in the development of video games, websites and mobile applications for smartphones. In terms of mobile applications, note that C# can facilitate the creation of tools for Android as well as for iOS and Windows.

7- Matlab

logo Matlab

Matlab is the nickname for the Matrix Laboratory programming language with an integrated development environment. It allows the user to create a working interface where he can express all his imagination thanks to the advanced functions of computer programming. Among these, we find the representation of data, the implementation of algorithms, and the communication with programs from other computer languages.

8- Objective-C

logo Objective-C

With object-oriented programming capabilities, Objective-C is the best C-based programming language. It is also an ideal tool for iOS and macOS programs which is very handy with simple thoughtful features.

9- R

logo r programming

For the development of statistically-oriented software or applications, R is the most suitable means. This programming language is used much more in scientific research. It can also be used at the biomedical level and for data mining. It is quite handy and can be used by a beginner in programming.

10- C++

logo C++

Many consider it an extension of the C language. This idea is not wrong, because C++ is a programming language that, associated with C, gives a more than satisfactory result. This language pair is always helpful for web browsers, video games, databases, and also compilers.

11- TypeScript

logo TypeScript

Simple and easy to handle, TypeScript is a computer language that can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. It is useful for the development of web applications, websites, or software. It is also one of the best programming languages ​​available.

12- Kotlin

logo Kotlin

Kotlin was first released in 2011 by Android Studio developer JetBrains. This programming language is often used for creating mobile applications for Android application systems. Many large companies around the world have already used Kotlin to build their applications. These are Pinterest, Uber, and Trello. Indeed, developers use this programming language because of its robustness and simplicity since it allows them to easily understand, write and debug applications. Moreover, with this programming language, the composition of the code does not require enough steps.

13- Go

logo go

Sometimes called GOLANG, Go is a programming language launched in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike, three employees of Google. Despite its young age in the programming language market, Go enjoys strong popularity throughout the world, mainly thanks to the fact that it has been used for the creation of certain official sites such as Facebook, BBC, the Government of the UK, and SoundCloud. Developers use this type of language to create applications that must process a lot of data, such as Uber, Netflix, and Twitch. Similarly, Go owes its popularity to its simplicity and multiplicity of features.

14- Ruby

logo ruby

We are dealing here with a general-purpose programming language. It is a programming language that is object-oriented, reflective, and dynamic. This programming language is used for web development, graphical user interfaces, or for web applications. With a library of tools and simple features, Ruby is one of the most suitable programming languages ​​for beginners in coding. It is therefore an easy programming language to learn. Similarly, it has a large community that allows different users around the world to exchange with each other for the successful completion of their projects. On the other hand, everyone is unanimous on the fact that this programming language is sometimes slow and lacks good documentation.

To succeed in your IT project, it is important for you to associate it with a better programming language. Several languages ​​are available and those mentioned above are among the most popular and therefore the best on the market in 2021. You will certainly find what suits you. Other languages ​​are emerging and we can expect several surprises in this area in the coming months.