Learn Quran: Top 9 Best Mobile Apps

Learn Quran: Top 9 Best Mobile Apps

It is easy to demonstrate the usefulness of the Internet through the major benefits it has brought to mankind in all spheres of human existence. But, from the religious point of view, the advent of the Internet and Smartphones has sparked a wave of controversy and criticism from religious and social education actors.

For the majority of religious people, these two technological products have destroyed sexual and civic education. However, these same technologies are also put at the service of learning the practices and words of God in the Koran and the Bible. Therefore, we salute through our best mobile applications for the benefit of learning the Quran, the intelligence of those who have shown the positive side of these technologies.


Quran Learn Quran

Quran.com has the merit of being a true digital Quran teaching manual. It summarizes everything about the Koran and goes even further in view of its interactive discussion sections. You will have the impression of being in front of your Koranic school teacher. It provides you with Quranic scholars with whom you can address your concerns directly. It is downright digital magic for the benefit of learning the Quran. It includes several reciters to choose from in addition to a function of recitation of each sura in the Arabic-French version. The application is available on App Store and Play Store.

2- Quran in French

Learn the Quran in French

Today, it is easier to become familiar with the suras of the Holy Quran thanks to the existence of many mobile applications including the Quran in French. It is one of the simplest applications designed in favor of learning the Quran. With the latter, it is easy to translate the Quran into French. Its search functionality is very convenient with favorites and tags listed next by date and alphabetically.

It also offers recitations that you can listen to as well as setting options to customize your app. The possibility of broadcasting suras on social media is another indication of the practical dimension and the fluidity of the Quran application in French.

3- Quran Memorization Test

Quran Memorization Test

For people with a short memory, Quran Memorization Test is the ultimate reflex to have to learn the Quran. It remains the simplest way to memorize in the sense that it is based on scientific teaching techniques. The latter is characterized by games promoting effective and easy memorization of the Koran. This application is a real way to master two “Ayat” verses every day. And by evolving more, you earn points which allow you to be better ranked among students who are learning at the same time as you.

4- Memorize the Quran

Application Learn and memorize the Quran

Intended for learning the Holy Quran, this application offers a fairly simple interface even in the English version. It then promises to be a better option in terms of ease of handling and easy downloading of the desired verses or the entire Quran. It integrates:

  • 3 characters of recitations are: Al Afasy, As Sudais, and Ash Shaartree;
  • a pause programming parameter after each surah ideal for repetitions;
  • a color indicator for displaying the level of verse memorization improvement;
  • a translation option.

5- iQuran Lite for Android

Learn Quran iQuran Lite

iQuran Lite Android makes the difference with its extensive search and page marking functions. This makes it the practical and fluid solution for opening the Holy Quran digitally and sharing verses through social networks, email, etc. It will also allow you to activate or deactivate at will:

  • the rules of “Tajweed” in color;
  • the reminder for Friday prayers “Djiman”;
  • Islamic traditions in color;
  • the recitations of Sheikh Al Hossary.

6- The straight path

The straight way application to read the quran

The “Straight Path” is a digital Quran learning tool that brings together many audio lessons around interesting topics such as:

  • the merits and subtleties of the Holy Quran;
  • good social behavior;
  • the virtues of the Muslim woman.

This application also provides Muslims with recordings of Friday sermons for you to strengthen their faith in Allah. These sermons remain the work of speakers like:

  • Ibrahim Abou Talha (Imam of my mosque in Pantin);
  • Sadek Abou Yahya (Imam of the Dugny mosque);
  • Youssef Abou Anas (Imam of the Equeville mosque).

But this application is best known for its digital radio with specific programs. You can then listen to religious lectures and debates at your convenience.

7- French Quran

French Quran learning the Quran

It constitutes an added value in terms of application for learning the Quran. Available in Arabic and French versions, it offers incredible ease of use. You can then easily consult the suras with the possibility of modifying the size as well as the style of the texts. The French Quran app interface makes it easier for you to search for desired terms and bookmark a page. It is also possible to listen to 5 reciters (Sheikh Sa’ad Al-Ghamdi, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Sheikh Sa’ud Ash-Shuraim, Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi, Qari Abdul Basit and share via social media, suras. Also, we must add that the consideration of phonetics makes this application one of the best that must be tested absolutely.

8- Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed best quran app iphone

Quran Majeed is one of the best Quran apps for iPhone and Android, it brings back to mind the foundation and rules of Tajweed based on a simple tap on the page. It is essential for people who are trying to learn the Quran a wish to be able to make revisions.

9- Quran in French

application to read the quran in french

The Quran application in French allows you to read the Quran in Arabic with its translation into French. It offers simple features to allow searching suras, adding notes and favorites, playing audio recitations and getting reminders for prayer times.