Top 7 Most Promising AI Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Top 7 Most Promising AI Cryptocurrencies in 2023

Everyone now agrees that artificial intelligence is one of the most practical inventions of the 21st century. Although still in the discovery phase, this new technology, thanks to the breakthrough of ChatGPT, has shown that it has enormous potential. And one of the sectors that could benefit from this rise is the field of cryptocurrencies. These are two very complementary different technologies that have everything to be a good investment-winning cocktail. Want to invest in AI cryptos? What are some promising cryptocurrencies you can put your money in? Here is for you a list of the 7 best AI cryptocurrencies to discover in 2023.

1- which crypto will explode (FET) is one of the most popular open-access blockchain networks at the moment. It is a network that uses decentralized artificial intelligence and a machine learning system to foster the growth and development of the digital economy without much human intervention. It is therefore a platform that provides developers with tools suitable for creating autonomous agents that can interact with the network. With this platform, developers can easily develop, deploy and monetize their achievements or applications. At the heart of this ecosystem is the FET token. It is thanks to the latter that most users carry out their various transactions. It’s a token that you can store in atomic Wallet, a non-custodial decentralized crypto wallet. Indeed, with this wallet, you can store up to 450 digital assets in a free cold wallet. It is a wallet that obviously allows you to buy your digital assets by credit card.

2- SingularityNet (AGIX)

SingularityNet crypto with the most potential

SingularityNet is an open-source and decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It works as an AI markeplace through which developers and companies can create, share and monetize certain AI services. It is a platform designed to facilitate the development of a more favorable environment for the creation, and integration of AI services in applications and their sharing.

By using SingularityNet, the developer can easily create AI applications capable of interacting with other applications on the network. The goal is to create a reliable and efficient platform where developers can find, buy and even sell AI services. To do this, they have a wide range of AI algorithms and other data sources to design powerful applications that can exploit the potential of machine learning.

3- Cash (NMR)

Cash best crypto presale

Numeraire is the crypto AI that powers the Numerai software platform. Indeed, this platform has been designed to facilitate portfolio management and trading. It is a copy of ordinary hedge fund agencies. Its native token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is generally used to reward all traders who make good predictions of movements in the market. Not only does this platform encourage financial institutions and other hedge fund agencies to participate in trading activities, but it also provides them with innovative trading strategies.

By using this application, users no longer need to invest large sums of money in the acquisition of expensive software or hire specialized personnel. Note that the Numerai platform offers its users two different applications. These are Numerai Tournament and Numerai Signals. The first application allows participation in stock price prediction contests. The second application allows users to make stock price forecasts. For each correct action, the trader is rewarded in NMR, the native token of the platform.

4- Fight Out

Fight Out

Fight Out is a Move-to-Earn oriented cryptocurrency. It is an application that was mainly created to gamify physical exercise. It is generally used in fitness rooms during training sessions. Its users must complete certain challenges that will allow them to earn FGHT tokens. It is an excellent alternative to other fitness methods which have a somewhat low rate of effectiveness. On this app, each user has their own avatar which reflects their level of fitness progress. The latter can also, using the FightOut metaverse, compete against other users through challenges. It’s a way to boost users.

5- Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol crypto AI

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized platform hosted on Ethereum blockchain technology. It is a crypto project that aims to facilitate monetization and data exchange between individuals and even businesses. It aims to create a fairer and more open data ecosystem in which stakeholders will have easy access to good-quality data. It is therefore a platform with several features such as secure access to data from multiple sources.

With this protocol, developers have the opportunity to create practical applications. They can use it as a center for buying, selling or exchanging data assets. All transactions are made on this platform from its native token: the OCEAN. With its AI function, users can generate smart contracts without having to rely on a third party. It is a platform that enables the automation of digital asset exchanges between parties.

6- DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform. It is a network that is based on the blockchain in order to guarantee private, secure access and good profitability to its users. It aims to offer companies and individuals a reliable marketplace for buying and selling artificial intelligence services without any intermediary. On DeepBrain Chain, transactions are made in DBC, the native token of the platform. The objective of this platform is to achieve a more efficient, safe, and profitable ecosystem on which each developer can easily access the power of AI to perfect their products or services. It has an advanced security system and an extra layer of data privacy for its users. So, with DeepBrain Chain,

7- Vechain (VET)


VeChain is one of the best platforms that uses blockchain technology at the moment. This platform uses artificial intelligence to offer supply chain management solutions. Thanks to this technology, VeChain tracks and verifies all products and information, luxury, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, and many more. It provides enterprises with a suite of solutions such as the execution of smart contracts, data storage, asset tracking, and everything related to business processes. To facilitate transactions on the platform, VeChain has designed its own token: the VET which gives access to all its services. It is the same token that allows it to reward its users for their contributions.