How Signature Can Accelerate Your Sales

How Signature Can Accelerate Your Sales

If your sales team is looking to speed up the closing of contracts and other critical agreements, now is the time to invest in an electronic signature solution.

Sales teams are constantly pressured to maintain a stable pipeline, actively engage with prospects, and generate quality leads. Success takes the right mindset, innovative strategy, a bit of gut, and the right set of tools. Most sales managers have their go-to tech stack, which likely includes a reliable CRM, sales intelligence platform, and reporting tools. But one crucial solution that many lacks are an electronic signature solution.

Selon la deuxième partie de notre rapport sur l’avenir du travail, 27% des employés des ventes déclarent travailler avec 6-10 documents par jour. Ce n’est pas trop surprenant si l’on considère tous les contrats et accords qu’ils traitent quotidiennement. Ce qui est surprenant cependant, c’est que plus de 50% signent, préparent et impriment régulièrement des documents. Faire tout cela pour un seul document peut être un processus frustrant et long, surtout lorsque vous travaillez à distance.

When it comes to closing new deals, efficiency is critical. But printing, signing, and scanning contracts is anything but efficient. If your sales team is looking to speed up the closing of contracts and other critical agreements, now is the time to invest in an electronic signature solution.

Benefits of an electronic signature tool

Benefits of an electronic signature tool

Electronic signing can have a huge impact not only on transaction speed but also on overall productivity. With an electronic signature tool like Nitro Sign, sales teams can:

1- Send an unlimited number of electronic signature requests

With Nitro Sign, users can send an unlimited number of person-to-person requests – there are no usage levels, signing limits, overage fees, or roadblocks. It is also easy to manage the approval of a large group on a single document. So if a proposal requires multiple signatures (which is most often the case), you can place the signatories in the order in which their signatures are needed. Once the document is sent, users can keep tabs on requests with real-time status updates or send reminders to signers who need to respond to requests.

2- Integration with Salesforce

Sales teams can get the most out of their Salesforce account by integrating it with an electronic signature tool. The Salesforce® integration lets users request signatures, add signers, track requests, and auto-save documents, all without having to leave Salesforce. This can help sales minimize turnaround time for signed documents, track outstanding signature requests, and avoid losing important documents.

3- Automatisez les workflows

Electronic signature tools usually have automation integrations that help eliminate manual and repetitive tasks. Nitro Sign integrates with Zapier™ and Power Automate®, both of which allow users to create automated electronic signature workflows. This can include sending a saved document template for signature when an account is updated in Salesforce or notifying your team when the signature request is complete. Automating more workflows in your signing process means trade managers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time closing deals.

4- Create reusable templates

Does your sales team create documents from scratch every time they craft a proposal or deal? If so, an electronic signature tool can be a game-changer, saving a lot of time and energy. Users can create a document once, add it to a template library, and share it with other team members. Having templates also helps minimize the risk of errors and ensure consistency between documents.

5 – Track documents

With physical records, it’s hard for sales managers to keep track of who worked on what, and when. This can get tricky when multiple people are working on a document as well as multiple signers. An electronic signature solution produces an audit trail that keeps a detailed record of all actions that have occurred in your document. It also collects data throughout the signing process, which proves compliance and proof that a document was signed legally.

6- Send requests in bulk

Sales managers who have to send large numbers of signature requests to get bogged down in piles of paper if dealing with physical contracts — likely spending hours creating, printing, scanning, and sending individual documents. An electronic signature solution facilitates bulk signing and allows users to send individual signature requests to 250 recipients, all at once. Once a user clicks send, each recipient will receive their own copy to sign and return.