12 Best Free Apps to Track Periods and Ovulation

Best Free Apps to Track Periods and Ovulation

Knowing your menstrual cycle and tracking periods and ovulation isn’t always easy for women. This knowledge is very important for all women. Whether you want to have a child or not, it is important for the woman to master all the parts of her menstrual cycle in order to know if she can make love and hope to get pregnant or not to run the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately, today there are several applications for Android and iOS that can manage your menstrual cycle well with you. Learn about it through this article.

1- Key

Clue period and ovulation tracking app

Today, it is the most famous period and ovulation-tracking application in the world. The clue is available for free download on Play Store and App Store. The opinions of users on these platforms are very interesting. In order to start using this application, it asks you a series of questions that you will have to answer. For example, it asks you for your height, weight, pre-month symptoms, start and end dates, and duration of your last period.

You can then complete information every day about your emotions, and what you observe on and in your body. Thus, you follow the different phases of your menstrual cycle and know almost exactly the day when you must ovulate and the date of the arrival of your next period.

2- Period Tracker

Period Tracker notify period date

Period Tracker is a free downloadable app from Play Store and App Store. Its use begins much like Clue through answering some questions about yourself. You can then indicate everything you notice about your body, sudden changes in mood, weight gain or loss, etc. You will also indicate the days when you had sexual intercourse or the day when your period was painful.

All this makes you follow your entire cycle and the application sends you a notification a few days in advance to let you know when your next period is due. If you love art, you are well served with this app as it gives you the ability to customize your calendar. Those who have difficulty in English will however find it difficult to use it, as the French version of the application is not yet available.

3- Period Tracker & Ovulation Period Calendar

Period Tracker & Ovulation Period Calendar App

This period and ovulation tracker app is available for free download on Play Store and App Store. It is well-known and widely used (more than 100 million users). It has also received 4.9 stars out of 5 for the user vote on Play Store. They say a lot of good things about it. Its operation is almost similar to other period and ovulation tracker apps. You answer questions about yourself from the outset and according to the evolution of your moods, your feelings, and others, the application allows you to know the key days of your cycle.

4- Glow

Glow best free menstrual cycle app

Glow is downloadable from Play Store and App Store. It is an easy-to-use application. It is one of the few ovulation period-tracking apps that include men. You’ll then answer a question or two about the man you’re dating in addition to any similar questions the other apps ask when you contact her. Glow also sends you tips to follow every day for the smooth running of your cycle.

Nothing difficult. Tips like “eat well”, “stay hydrated”, etc. The manufacturer had a brilliant idea to create a forum on which all users are registered so that they can discuss various topics, including the one that brought them together there.

5- Flo

Flo free app to track periods and ovulation

It is an application available for free download on Play Store and App Store. It works like a real diary. The calendar it offers allows you to calculate the important days of the cycle. You also note events, your moods, and others. You can set a reminder to remember and prepare for the arrival of your period and also fertile days in your cycle if you are planning to have a child. Flo can be locked by a personal code that you have created so as not to leave this personal and sensitive information within reach of anyone.

6- Eve

Eve free period app

A good app that generally discusses women’s sexual health. It is free to download on Play Store and App Store. It was named the most innovative app in 2016, so it couldn’t be included in the best period and ovulation tracker apps. Classically, it offers everything that other period and ovulation monitoring apps offer, such as the important days of the cycle and the fairly clear differentiation of all the phases.

Eve then offers articles on the woman’s sex life and quizzes. All this aims to allow the woman to know herself better and to properly interpret the different signs she observes on her body. Also, the users of this application have the possibility of exchange between them. A real space of mutual aid that benefits everyone.

7- Apple Health

Apple Health app

A very basic application is only available on App Store for iPhone. It covers everything that has to do with health. You will find in the ˝Reproductive Health˝ option everything related to menstrual periods. You enter the results of your ovulation tests, the quality of your cervical mucus, your daily temperature, and your sexual activity, and the application takes care of creating a table with these data for your menstruation. It is very easy to use.

8- OvuView: ovulation and fertility

OvuView best free ovulation app

OviView is one of the most downloaded period and ovulation tracker apps on Play Store. There have been more than one million downloads since its launch on February 17, 2011. It is the application that makes women happy and allows them to be attentive to their cycle of ovulation, menstruation, and fertility. To achieve this objective, the application uses sophisticated sympto-thermal methods (Billings, Rötzer, Cautious, Konald/kippler).

This application has been designed to allow women to maximize their chances of conception and for women who are not yet ready to become pregnant to avoid pregnancies by using natural methods of contraception. It is also used to track PMS, weight, appetite, and headaches. In order to have a good summer vacation, you can use this app to determine future menstruation and ovulation dates.

To determine fertility, the app uses proven natural family planning (NFP) methods as well as cycle symptoms such as menstruation, cervical mucus, and basal temperature. By using OvuView, you will be treated to at least 14 fertility awareness methods, an advanced chart that shows your symptoms and temperature.

9- My Calendar – Period Tracker

Period calendar free menstrual cycle app

My Calendar – Period Tracker is an application available on Play Store and App Store. This application is the perfect ally for women who wish to have control over births, conception, the regularity of menstrual cycles as well as contraception. This is simply one of the best period, fertile days, cycle, and ovulation tracker apps. This application provides its users with an intuitive calendar from which they can view the days of fertility, ovulation, and expected periods.

It also provides a daily period diary that can record all information about flow, symptoms, temperature, intercourse, PMS, weight, and temperature. Similarly, notifications are sent regularly to keep informed about the upcoming period, ovulation, or fertility windows. 

10- Premom Ovulation Tracker

Premom Pregnancy Ovulation Tracker

Want to get pregnant ASAP? Then this ovulation app is for you. Indeed, it is the safest and most sought-after ovulation tracker app on the market. It is based on improving the success of conception by prioritizing the predictor of ovulation OPK (ovulation test results).

Available on App Store and Play Store, this application offers women wishing to conceive the possibility of subscribing to the 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee. This subscription allows them to receive personalized instructions on how to get pregnant. After 6 cycles of trials, you will be entitled to a free professional consultation to see if you have become pregnant. If this is not the case after 9 cycles, you will be reimbursed for all of your expenses. In summary, this application allows you to:

  • visualize in a fertility table the peak of ovulation and pregnancy;
  • record fertility monitoring methods;
  • see the whole process of ovulation in the ovulation cycle;
  • set reminders for medication, birth control, ovulation, and period tracking.

11- Ovia: Fertility, Cycle, Health

Ovia Fertility free rules app

Ovia: Fertility, Cycle, Health is a digital health company whose core mission is to help millions of women conceive and have healthier pregnancies. Indeed, the Ovia Fertility app uses proprietary algorithms based on cutting-edge fertility research to track a woman’s menstrual cycle and in turn predict the exact time of her ovulation and fertility window. Available for Android and iOS, the application used is even more effective for women with irregular periods. To allow all women to get pregnant, regular periods or not, the application:

  • sends daily fertility predictions so you have an idea of ​​your fertile days;
  • sends real-time data feedback based on your symptoms;
  • sends daily TTC tips on the delivered cycle to your timeline.

12- Period & Cycle Tracker-Clover by Wachanga

Period Tracker

Launched only in 2018, this application already has more than 1 million downloads worldwide. This app delights millions of women by helping them take control of their menstrual health. She regularly sends reminders to users about the date of the start of the cycle and its end. It allows for checking the irregular periods, the dates of the periods, the premenstrual syndrome, and the quantity of blood. Similarly, Period Tracker provides information on normal period abundance and duration. It is available for free on Play Store and App Store.

Knowing your cycle is an obligation for all women. It is a real means of contraception, because knowing the fertile period, we will take precautions so that a pregnancy does not occur even while having sexual intercourse. There’s really no need to deal with fairly complex methods taught in high school by biology teachers because the applications do all the work. Just follow the app to find out when you’re ovulating and when your next period is.