pCloud: one of the benchmarks for online data storage

pCloud: one of the benchmarks for online data storage

pCloud is not only software that allows you to store, but also to share data. You can also use it to put your files in a safe place using manual encryption. What is more interesting with this supplier is its lifetime offer at a ridiculous price. Discover in this article, the many advantages offered by this wonderful online data storage tool.

pCloud features

pCloud is an application that allows you to store your files no matter where you are in the world. This provider gives its customers the possibility of managing their data from anywhere, even from their mobile devices, just by connecting to the Internet. It, therefore, offers maximum security to your data.

Whatever digital platform you use, your files will be updated without any difficulty thanks to its automated synchronization function. Using its simple interface, you can upload, organize and share your files with anyone.

pCloud reserves a large storage space for your data, it’s up to you to choose the appropriate space. Similarly, pCloud gives you several other advantages that we will introduce you to in this article.

The strengths of pCloud

The strengths of pCloud

Good storage of your data

pCloud ensures the security of all the data you save on the server. How is it going? It allows itself to make five different copies of each of your data that it takes the trouble to store in three separate places. These different locations are highly secure centers designed for data storage. Thus, your files will be protected against theft, data corruption, or loss.

Thanks to the pCloud Rewind function offered by this service, you can save all your data history for a period of 30 days. So, you don’t have to worry when you make a mistake with the recent version. If you save or delete a file, you will be able to revert to the previous version without any difficulty. You also have the option of choosing an EFH (Extended File History) add-on when it comes to long-term projects in order to store previous versions of data up to about a year.

The optimal security of your data

Today, data with the most sensitive information is more susceptible to hacking, viewing, theft or modification by others. To avoid this inconvenience, it is important to secure your data through the use of a better online cloud. And precisely, with pCloud, you enjoy the best storage with excellent security, since it is the only provider on the market that offers three security elements, namely two-step authentication, Online file encryption in 256- AES bits, and Zero-Knowledge Encryption. The latter offers it to you thanks to its pCloud Crypto which is an ultra-secure encryption service.

Synchronization between multiple systems

pCloud is indeed available on all digital platforms, even on Mac, Windows, and Linux without forgetting mobile systems such as: iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android. The update will be easily effective thanks to the automated synchronization function available in the software.

Equipped with an easy and simple-to-use a mobile application

pCloud is equipped with a mobile application that gives you a simple interface. The latter allows you to make your various downloads, make your shares and organize your files simply according to your wishes. Thus, you have Crypto Folder to allow unparalleled security to your files, ‘Offline Files’ for the folders you want to consult when you are not connected to the Internet. The ‘Shared Folder’ is reserved for sharing data with your audience, etc.

Anyone can use pCloud without any difficulty. This is also why the designer has integrated help that presents clear instructions to allow new users to learn how to use it effectively. Great! You can synchronize all your files instantly on all machines connected to pCloud.

pCloud is equipped with an online virtual hard disk: pCloud Drive

pCloud Drive is a virtual hard drive that the service puts online. Its access is very easy as well as the instant synchronization of all the information.

pCloud Drive offers the same functions as an external hard drive. So you can free up space on your computer or phone and easily store your data in the cloud.

Easily access your files

pCloud is very easy to use. It has video and audio players in mobile and web versions, so you can directly play your multimedia files online, you can even create playlists of music, videos, and images and organize them easily.

Easy data sharing

pCloud makes it easy for you to share folders with everyone on your contact list. Thus, they will be able to download your files or share files with you. It is even a better remote working tool for experienced and serious users. You can invite them to manage files with you in a professional setting.

Best value and affordable subscription

pCloud offers its services at a cost that beats all competition. Indeed, for a capacity of at most 10 GB, you will not have to pay anything. On the other hand, the ‘Premium Plan’ offers you a capacity of 500 GB at 175 € that you will use for your whole life. In addition, you also have a ‘Premium Plus Plan’ which guarantees you a storage space of 2 TB at 350 €. Pay once to enjoy it forever or simply opt for a monthly or annual subscription. You will therefore notice that it is a price that is below that offered by an SSD hard drive with many more features and additional advantages.

Features of pCloud

Features of pCloud
  • Featuring pCloud drive, mobile apps, account rewind;
  • 256-bit AES;
  • Competitive price in monthly or annual subscription
  • 10 GB, 500 GB, and 2 TB storage space to choose from.

Better than other applications in its category, pCloud is one of the most efficient in terms of online data storage and management. Test and you will not be disappointed.

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