DuckDuckGo has launched a new ‘App Tracking Protection’ for Android

DuckDuckGo has launched a new 'App Tracking Protection' for Android

DuckDuckGo brings a new feature to its Android application concerning the blocking of third-party trackers of applications installed on the smartphone.

As the company usually releases new features for its iOS app, but now it also focuses on its Android app, and after a long wait, it released the ‘App Tracking Protection‘ feature.

DuckDuckGo’s Android app has a new feature

The company announced the launch of a new feature called ‘App Tracking Protection’ in the Android app in open beta, and it is available for free for all Android smartphone users.

This feature aims to help users by blocking third-party trackers from apps installed on their smartphones. And it will block third party trackers even from apps installed on the device but not in use.

As we all know that the apps we use on our smartphones track our data so that they identify our interest base to target advertisements on other different platforms, and for this these apps also keep our data on their servers.

Blocking third-party trackers from a website is now common for many browsers, but there are still less reliable blockers for Android apps. But we all know that DuckDuckGo is already good on Apple devices.

After a long year of waiting, finally pulled this feature out of beta testing and made it available for android users as android users are facing more issues and scary targeting of multiple apps well known.

Also, this feature uses a ‘local VPN connection‘ which makes this blocking tracker possible, and also, it’s about not sending app-related data to DuckDuckGo itself or any other remote server.

You can download this app from PlayStore, and it also has other features, such as blocking hidden tracking, protecting email tracking, auto-HTTPS and clearing browsing history with one click.