Types of turbo in Mario Kart Tour and how to take advantage of them

Types of turbo in Mario Kart Tour and how to take advantage of them

You will be able to go out with a turbo, take advantage of the different turbos and mini-turbos that are in the game or even opt for a series of related tricks that will help you improve your positions with respect to your rivals, so we will tell you what you can do to take advantage of the maximum Mario Kart Tour turbos.

Types of turbo in Mario Kart Tour and how to take advantage of them

Turbo output, a good way to start

One of the boosts that will help you get ahead in races is starting them with a boost . To do this, you will have to press the screen just when the 2 is going to disappear from the screen. If we have pressed on 2 and held until the end, the turbo mode will be activated at the exit, but beware, you will have to avoid colliding with the others so control the situation.

Don’t do anything when it counts down to 3, wait a bit and you’ll have a turbocharged start that will help you gain the upper hand.

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You will also be able to do turbos by skidding and jumping in the game, as well as with some items, which will help you overcome your opponents. In addition to the turbos, we tell you what the mini-turbos that you can use in the game consist of and what they are.

The different miniturbo in the game

You can mini -turbo by moving the stick from left to right to make sparks fly under the wheels as you drift. When you release you will activate the mini turbo, which is shown as blue sparks under the wheels. The orange mini turbo is the same technique, although following the movement and orange sparks are seen, while the purple one is with the same technique as the previous ones, maintained until it is seen with pink or purple sparks. Be careful because in a short straight you can leave the screen.

If blue is shown it is a small miniturbo, orange is a miniturbo and purple is an ultraminiturbo.

  • Small Mini Turbo : Blue.
  • Super mini turbo : Orange.
  • Ultra Mini Turbo: Purple.

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More acceleration tricks you should know

There are many other moves or tricks related to turbo that will help you take advantage of your race if you know how to take advantage of them, gaining more speed with them.

  • Recoil. It increases the speed of the car if you are right behind another racer for a few seconds.
  • Drift. If you touch the screen to drift, you have to turn with the button at the bottom of the screen to drift. To activate drifts, go to Settings, Controls and Manual drift. The more you drift, the more powerful the mini-turbo afterward will be . There is also the automatic, although it is better to use the manual if you already control well. If you adjust the angle in the drift you will be able to do the automatic drift, which will allow you to do ultraminiturbos, ideal if you start in the game.
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  • Other elements. You can get increased acceleration with stars, mushrooms, and other items in the game.

In short, both turbos and mini-turbos will help you improve your speed in the game, even if they are done in different circumstances and in different ways. You just have to know when to take advantage of them and go for them!