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Garena Free Fire – Rampage is a Battle Royale-type video game published by Garena and more commonly known as Free Fire or FF. Developed for mobile devices, you can download it for free for your Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) smartphone or tablet.

The Battle Royale game in video games was created following the Japanese film of the same name directed by Kinji Fukasaku in the early 2000s. The principle is simple: parachute players onto an island and let them kill each other. The survivor is the winner. Free Fire (or freefire) is therefore an action and survival game, in third-person shooting (that is to say that the camera is oriented so that you can see your avatar). In terms of video games of the same genre, we can count Fortnite or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG), which are among the best known.

Why play Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire – Rampage is completely free (and ad-free) and translated into many languages, including French. In some words, the translation is sometimes a little light, but that does not prevent us from understanding their meaning. Free Fire includes an Equipment Shop, where you can buy equipment and weapons with diamonds. You can earn the diamonds by playing, or by buying packs with real money.

Garena Free Fire – Rampage offers three levels of play (beginner, intermediate, and veteran), and the players you meet in the arenas will be of the same level as you which helps to even the odds. In addition to the Battle Royale mode, Free Fire also offers a 4v4 team mode also based on the indicated level.

As you play, you increase in levels and unlock characters and weapons. You can also try your hand at the various game types available in addition to the basic mode: Clash Squad (by team) and Animals (an additional download is required to play this crazy game). To access the different game modes from the home page, you need to go to the buttons located at the top right of the screen.

How to start in Garena Free Fire – Rampage?

At the start of the game, you will be taken in hand by a character who will ask you for your level, then to choose a nickname (create your own, because the nickname generator is not very efficient and spends its time offering you nicknames already taken). You then arrive on the welcome screen which directs you to click on the play button.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Home Screen

By default, you are equipped with a male avatar, but by clicking on the Character menu on the left side of the screen, you can change to the available female character. Note that the two characters available at the start of the game have no special attributes. To unlock the following, you will have to go up in levels.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Character Choice

Afterward? Well then, all you have to do is go back to the homepage and click on Play. So be careful, because the game does not offer a tutorial to help you understand how to use your character. If you’re used to fourth-person mobile games, however, you won’t have any problems since the controls are placed in the usual places.

Thus on the left is the movement joystick, and on the right, the action buttons: jump, lie down, shoot, etc. At the top right, you will have the buttons to change weapons (when you have them) or to reload. The aiming sight is located slightly to the right of your avatar’s head. To steer it, you need to swipe your finger across the screen, like changing the camera angle.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Character Controls

How to play Garena Free Fire – Rampage?

There you go, you’ve finally mustered up your courage and clicked the game button taunting you from the home screen. Don’t panic, everything will be fine.

The first thing to know is that you will first arrive in a neutral zone, with the other competitors. This will allow you to quickly test your character’s moves. You will also be able to meet the other participants, even if this is not of major interest in Battle Royale since you will kill each other afterward. There are also clothing outlets.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Waiting Zone

Pendant ce temps, un compte à rebours est visible en haut de l’écran. Une fois qu’il est terminé, vous vous retrouvez à bord d’un avion. L’avion survole une île et vous allez devoir sauter en parachute. Attention, votre point de chute risque d’être important pour la suite des opérations. Une fois que vous avez sauté, vous pouvez contrôler la direction de chute de votre personnage, puis choisir quand ouvrir le parachute.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Parachute Jump

Once on the ground, you should not be unemployed, indeed during the first launch of the game, you have no weapon, you will gain as you progress from the levels and you will be equipped with it for the next parachute drops. So you must first find weapons. This won’t be too difficult, because, in this first level of play, there are handy kits scattered evenly across the floor. You will be able to win weapons, but also equipment (bulletproof vest, helmet, etc.), and ammunition.

Be careful, because all the other people who landed on the island at the same time as you do not wish you well. So remember to take a good look around you regularly (sliding your finger on the screen changes the orientation of the camera). Also, monitor your ammo level for the weapon in use. When you kill an opponent, you can pick up an Equipment Case which contains weapons and ammo, as well as the protective gear they were wearing.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Battle Royale Mode Game Screen

The other participants are not the only threat on this island, however. Indeed, in order to prevent games from lasting several hours, Garena Free Fire – Rampage is equipped with a retractable play area. Concretely, this means that a bubble appears on the island after everyone has parachuted. And this bubble is decreasing at regular intervals. If the wall of the bubble touches you you suffer damage, if you can’t escape it you can. If you die, the game will make you follow another player to enjoy the last moments before the end of the round (click Back to exit).

When the round is over, a screen showing your success rate appears with your level in the game, then the winnings due to your level increase.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Level Up Earnings

How to play Garena Free Fire – Rampage as a team?

Once you have finished your first Battle Royale, Garena Free Fire – Rampage invites you to discover the team mode. You can skip this step if you wish. This indicates that it’s a tutorial, but like the first game, you’ll be thrown into the arena a bit to get your mind around it.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Clash Squad

Here, it is therefore a game of four against four. The server randomly chooses other players based on connections at the time you click play. To tell the difference between your teammates and the other team, nothing could be simpler: you will see the nicknames appear above the avatars of your teammates, so try not to shoot them.

The team matches are quite short, and, as in the Battle Royale mode, a bubble is set up above the battlefield. The team game is played over four rounds, and the team that wins the most rounds wins.

Garena Free Fire - Rampage Team Match Result

What’s new in the latest version of Garena Free Fire?

2021’s new campaign, Rampage: New Dawn, launched in early June. It offers a soundtrack produced by two eminent DJs from the international electro scene: Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

In this campaign, players are parachuted into a futuristic city from Eastern culture. By completing certain specific missions, participants will earn free clothing and equipment for male characters. Four new campaign-specific characters are also added: Drake, Speedy, Rajah, and Aurora. The campaign game mode remains Battle Royale, with, in addition to weapons and ammunition, the possibility of collecting runes that will allow them to unlock special skills.

New campaigns are regularly organized and require a game update.

Which OS is Garena Free Fire compatible with?

Garena Free Fire – Rampage is a mobile game for smartphones or tablets. Of course, the player will be more comfortable on the big screen of a tablet, but it is still possible to play on a smartphone. Note that the game is rated PEGI 12.

You can download Garena Free Fire – Rampage for free for your Android mobile device in version 4.1 or higher.

Users of Apple-branded products can download Garena Free Fire – Rampage for iOS from version 9.0 for iPhone and iPad.

What are the best alternatives to Garena Free Fire?

Fortnite is the most talked about Battle Royale game among video games of the genre in recent years. Free, it is available for computers under Windows and macOS. Two mobile versions for Android and iOS have been developed, but due to disagreements with Google and Apple, they are no longer available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Created to directly compete with Fortnite, you can try out Apex Legends, Electronic Arts’ first-person shooter. Like Free Fire, it offers a Battle Royale mode and a 3-player team mode. You can play Apex Legends for free on your Windows computer.

PUBG Mobile is a free game available only on mobile (Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad). It is the mobile little brother of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This mobile version features a full battle royale game that also features 4v4 arena play.

Call of Duty mobile is a version for mobile devices that takes place in the universe of Call Of Duty games developed by Activision. Like the others, it features a single-player battle royale mode and a 3v3 team mode. Note that several game types are available. Free to download for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a bit of an underdog in this selection. Indeed, first of all, it is paying, and second, it does not offer weapons or military action. It is, however, a Battle Royale-type game, but in a universe with acid colors where the players control crazy characters. Here, we do not shoot at the other participants, but we can push them or put obstacles in their way, the goal being to find the exit first in a furious race. A team mode allows you to team up with four other players to win the challenges. You can play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on your Windows 10 computer through the Steam platform.

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