The 5 Best Free Website Mockup Maker Tools

The 5 Best Free Website Mockup Maker Tools

The 5 Best Free Website Mockup Maker Tools

As a digital professional, you must have in your possession all the right tools of the moment. This is what makes it essential in its sector. For example, before creating a website, you have to make a model. It is a big construction site like any other in real life. Only the right tools can guarantee the superior quality of the wireframes produced. You have to bet on the good. It would be a plus if it can be the good-free. To find a tool that suits you, you should check out this list.

1- Pencil project

Pencil Project Alternative Visio

This tool is a complete application. Pencil project, as its name suggests, serves as a pencil to draw your vision of the site. Everything relevant for data harmonization is available as features. To begin with, the tools available depend on the plurality of graphic elements. You are entitled to make your choice. Make diagrams if you want and adjust the different pages according to the display you have imagined. Since we are talking about mockup, the more precise and close to the future design, the better.

It is actually a free open source mockup software. You then understand that the quality is there. Updates are made constantly and free of charge. Then you have nothing to fear. Your tool will never go out of style. Designers are working on it. New versions are emerging as the needs of professionals creating models for websites.

2- iPlotz

iPlotz réaliser wireframe

You have the desire to work on your wireframe in collaboration with colleagues, it is quite possible. Thanks to iPlotz, you are in a bubble with your colleagues for team production. Everyone has their say. This detail is related to the different functionalities of the tool. Indeed, iPlotz contains parameters suitable for teleworking. During the realization of the model, the tool allows you to start the work, while ensuring a safe discussion, online. Whether by text message, audio message or videoconference, you are all working on the same model at the same time.

As for the options, you will be surprised by the lot of options already at the menu level. In addition, the graphic criteria are superimposed and respected by the tool. If you feel like researching or working on multiple projects at once, you’ve hit the right tool. Everything depends on your expertise. You make decisions and you have the opportunity to materialize them on the spot. Your projects then have more credibility. To get it, just go to the official website of the application. You won’t have to pay a penny. This is a very interesting advantage for such a rich tool.

3- Cacoo

Cacoo création de maquettes sites web

Curators on the web still need to convey their messages through their tools. This is what is commonly called a signature. They prove in this way that they own the tool and that they can use it as they wish. This does not usually convince users. Thus, experienced professionals come back to this type of tool to learn more. The basis for choosing software is to check its ease of use; in which case you will be able to do your work without resorting to another professional to help you. If with your minimum, you will not be able to do anything, skip the application or seek professional help.

On Cacoo, the model to be produced is in the form of a plan. That is to say that these are drawings that you manage to make. With a little skill and practice, you’ll make perfect website mockups. You should be inventive and basic at the same time. This will help you familiarize yourself with the tool in the days following its acquisition.

4- Mockflow

Mockflow outil gratuit création maquette

Mockflow is like all the items on this list a free website mockup tool. You have a variety of features and options. These are actually optimized settings to make it easier for you to use them. The menu is fluid and ergonomic. As for the speed of reaction, you will be pleasantly surprised. In addition, this application takes into account all the facets of a site. There you build up to the menu of different pages with drop-down menu options. It all depends on the first idea you keep of your dream site. Dream big and let Mockflow help you replicate an image of your dream.

However, it should be noted that it is a software for the models of small sites in free version. You will only use it in cases of extreme urgency. For example, it is necessary to provide a model for the site of the grocer or a specialized blogger. This is the right moment. You’re bound to do it quickly, but with fewer pages open. Moreover, this application allows the design of wireframes up to a maximum of four pages.

For information, you will have a free or paid version depending on the request made. The free version has nothing to envy to the paid one. It’s just less extensive. Its speed should already put you in the ear. This is a compensation for the lack of scale of the tool.

5- Moqups

Moqups outils gratuits de création de maquette pour sites web

Available in a free version, Moqups is a top pick in the list of best free website mockup tools. With its creative customization proposals, you can make a model close to your future site as you wish. First, there is a local library of graphics options. You can draw or represent what sings to you according to your tastes. Then you can work on it as a team. If you get stuck on one part of the carpet, just go through JIRA or Confluence to reach out to friends. You will have reinforcements in no time and the work can continue.

If you are looking for a professional tool, this is definitely the best one. Moreover, it allows you to link your different wireframes together. You then no longer work in an isolated part with each new project. You are in complete synchronization with the work of your entire career. Thus, you have the possibility of prioritizing your work, your works. For a professional, this would be proper storage. Not all apps on this list are capable of this.

According to your needs and your expertise, you will find, in this list, a suitable free model software. If you have a little time on your hands, try at least two. Each tool has a particularity, one will suit you better than the other. It will be so on until you find the right one.