Best 10 Android Games to Play in 2021

Lite Android Games

What are the top 10 lite Android games? There is a wide range of lite android games— both online and offline and you can play games for real money! It depends on your genre type. Some of the games are fascinating to play even if you do not have a mobile phone with high system specifications. In the post below, you will find top lite android games that are under 100MB in size and are cool to play. So, let’s dive into the list and see if we’ve touched your favorite game or not.

1- Game Feist


Our very first pick is Feist. It is an action android game that has good overall ratings and has 100k+ downloads on android. The game is also available for PS4, XBOX, and Windows users. Enjoy the ultimate experience of playing in a dark jungle with a unique creature and plan your strategies to pass through various difficulty levels while keeping an eye on bees and other weird animals in the game.

2- Game Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighter

Swing some swords with Calder or an ax with Thunder Woof, or some magic with Vallis, Riana, and Caitlyn in the Shadow Fighter android action game. The game is lighter in size but filled with thrillers and adventure. It is a role-playing game that will make you go through different battles and taste your witty & wise nature. Give it a shot and see if you love this game or not.

3- Game Modern Zombie Shooter

Modern Zombie Shooter

Have some fun shooting zombies around you; if you love playing horror or zombie games, this might be the video game to play on android phones in 2021. It’ll make you go through different rounds and difficulty levels. The game has good overall ratings and is a game with a lot of thrilling experiences.

4- Game Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D

The fourth on the list of top games to play in 2021 is a racing game. The game contains an insane car collection to choose your favorite one. If you love doing car tricks by putting your feet on the race paddle— this game is an ideal option for you. This android game also contains 3-D street racing features, which you do not see quite often in a game under 100MB! Give it a try and let us know!

5- Game 8 ball pool

8 ball pool

With over 500 million downloads and an overall rating of 4.4 (20M reviews), the 8-ball pool is one of the best online games to play in 2021. The snooker game recently had an update in December 2021 and is still the top-notch game to play in 2021. Taste your snooker gameplay level with your friends or players around the globe in various rounds and tournaments. Eightball pool is a fascinating android game to pass your leisure time even in 2021.

6- Game Merge Magic!

Merge Magic

It is a puzzle cum adventure game that will amuse you with a task to heal the magical land! Merge Magic has over 5 million downloads and a tag of ‘Editor’s Choice.’ This game will keep you merged in its magic life; so, be ready to play it this year as well.

7- Game Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

If you haven’t selected an android game from our list yet— no need to worry, as Marvel Future Fight was still on our sleeves. The seventh game on our list is associated with the Marvel film series. You’d surely love this game if you love Marvel superheroes. Roll your sleeves to an opportunity to wear the uniform of multiple Marvel characters— and fill their shoes with a top-notch android gaming experience.

8- Game Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Climb some hills with some thrilling racing experience; Hill Climb Racing is our eighth pick on the list. Although the game has a 2-D video gameplay experience, its multiple rounds; and variable difficulty levels will surely keep you interested.

9- Game Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle

If you believe you’ve enough English words vocabulary, try out the Bonza word puzzle game. It’ll taste your word memory and will pass your time as well. This offline game can keep you on your feet. A crossword game— that has become an instant classic puzzle game.

10- Game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

And finally, to bring a taste of the Start War movies collection, a Star Wars game for you is on our list of top android games to play in 2021. Developed by Capital Games and published by the Electronic Arts, this game is in demand— even in 2021!