Proton presents its new offer, a unified ecosystem dedicated to cybersecurity

Proton presents its new offer, a unified ecosystem dedicated to cybersecurity

The Swiss publisher Proton has since its creation offered an offer of choice for anyone wishing to access a service that reconciles security, confidentiality and freedom.

Its story began at CERN, where in 2014 Proton Mail was created by expert cryptographic engineers, with a focus on user privacy. A few years later, the open source Proton VPN project was born, with the same ambition to offer a service guaranteeing protection and transparency vis-à-vis Internet users.

Today, Proton continues its momentum, presenting a new unified ecosystem, entirely dedicated to cybersecurity.

proton presents its new offer

New VPN features for protected and confidential browsing

Proton beefs up its VPN offer by adding new features for faster and more extensive browsing, without compromising on security.

Among the main new services available on Proton VPN we can mention:

  • A VPN accelerator, to increase the connection speed up to 400^. Check out this VPN accelerator here!
  • NetShield Ad-blocker, to block ads, malware and trackers before they can be loaded. Check out NetShield here!
  • Alternative routing, to circumvent advanced online censorship systems
  • Secure Core VPN, for enhanced privacy protection. Learn more about Secure Core servers!
  • Support for the most popular streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max…) in dozens of countries
  • An extensive network, covering more than 60 countries and counting nearly 2000 servers. Learn all about Proton VPN’s server network!
  • 10 simultaneous VPN connections.

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Until today, ProtonVPN was virtually anonymous compared to market leaders like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. But with these additional services, it now has arguments as convincing as its competitors.


A unified and secure ecosystem

With its update, Proton wanted to unify its various individual encrypted services to offer a complete ecosystem. From now on, it is possible to subscribe to an all-in-one offer, in order to access Proton VPN, Proton Mail, Calendar and Drive – other services should be added gradually to this suite of tools. A serious alternative to web giants, for all Internet users concerned about the processing of their personal data.

‘The way Google defines privacy is, ‘No one can use your data except us.’ Our definition is simpler, more authentic: no one can exploit your data, period. We are literally looking to build services that give us access to as little data as possible. The use of end-to-end encryption and without access allows us to do this. Because fundamentally, we believe the best way to protect user data is to not have it in the first place,” Andy Yen, CEO and Founder of Proton, said in an interview with Wired.

True to its philosophy that online privacy should be available to everyone, Proton continues to offer a free VPN plan, with basic features and a strict no-logs policy. Based on our tests of dozens of VPN providers, no other free service comes close to the level of privacy and security provided by Proton VPN.

In this unified ecosystem logic, the Proton VPN logo has evolved so that it echoes the other Proton services. It retains its triangular shape, which, for the record, represents the shape obtained when you draw lines connecting the three countries (Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland) hosting the Secure Core servers.

The name of the VPN has also been significantly changed, going from “ProtonVPN” to “Proton VPN”, always in this desire to standardize all the tools.