8 best add-ons that will protect your privacy and prevent websites from spying on you on Internet in 2020


Do we need the best add-ons to prevent websites from spying on you?

There are many parties and parties that spy on you while you are surfing the Internet for several purposes. With the great development, many threats to the privacy of users appear, and attacks that aim to penetrate the data and privacy of Internet users abound. It is imperative that every internet user understands the importance of browser security to make sure that they are browsing the internet safely. Protecting your browser may mean limited functionality for some websites, but it will also protect your most sensitive information.

Although web browsers may seem insignificant in protecting your data, in reality they can be your first line of defense against online attackers. Keep in mind that your browser is the first thing that connects you to the web, and the way it is configured may allow or prevent harmful elements from entering the Internet.

Below you can find a list of the 8 best security add-ons for popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which will help you greatly in obtaining security while browsing the Internet. These are browser extensions that will help you increase your online privacy as well as provide an extra layer of security.

List of 8 Best Extensions That Prevent Websites From Spying On You:

Add No Script:

No Script
No Script

One of the best anti-spyware extensions on the security scene is NoScript which stops all JavaScript code and other website scripts (Java Runtime Environment, Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight and other plug-ins) from loading on pages that You visit the sites and alert you if they exist, and therefore they will protect you from attacks that will come through the use of JavaScript,

And NoScript protects you from malicious ads, pop-ups, and even exploits that are encountered if you stumble across hacked websites.

You can also easily add sites that you consider safe or remove websites to the whitelist table from the pop-up toolbar. The extension will override them when you visit them.

The extension can be downloaded for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers from the links below:

noscript for firefox / noscript for chrome

Last Pass:


LastPass is one of the most popular password managers on the internet, it is top notch user friendly, it provides very easy to use reports, it has a really good and powerful password generator, and it does most of the tasks automatically automatically, which It saves the user a lot of effort.

It has a number of great functions – a customizable password generator, assessment and analysis of password strength and security and add-ons for almost all browsers available on the Internet.

It’s versatile, and supports browser extensions for mac, windows, linux, chrome, firefox, safari – or even net explorer, opera, and microsoft edge! This is very cool, and it definitely offers users who no longer have a browser to choose and use and besides, it has dedicated apps for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

Last Pass

Add WOT:


Among the best add-ons to prevent websites from spying on you, we find the name of the WOT add-on, which is an abbreviation for Web Of Trust, which means safe internet, and this add-on gives you the security of the site you are visiting.

How it works

✔ While browsing, WOT will warn you when you visit dangerous websites, scams, malware, phishing, rogue web stores, dangerous links and more… .
✔ Reputation icons are displayed next to SERP results, social media, email, and other popular sites to help you make informed decisions online.

  • Red indicates potential danger.
  • Yellow tells you to be careful.
  • Green means it is safe.
  • ✔ Website reputation is calculated by combining advanced algorithms and millions of user reviews.


✔ Safe Browsing
Monitor potential threats and ensure your online safety while browsing with all the online security you need to protect you from the most harmful websites and links
✔ Web Security Reputation Icons Is this site safe? Can I trust this source?
A small icon on your browser displays each site’s rating and reputation, and warns you about malicious websites before you visit them.

✔ Warning screen
Enhance your online experience with a warning popup when you land on a site with a bad reputation, giving you the option to continue or return to safety.
✔ Check site integrity
Use scorecards to check reputation and reviews for any site before you visit. This can help you avoid scam and phishing sites. Find the security checker at https://mywot.com/

✔ Anti-phishing
Be wary of phishing scams, malicious links, and malware-infected websites before you click on them.
✔ Pre-check short links / links
Make informed decisions by checking links to see their reputation, categories, and whether or not you need to avoid them.
✔ block websites
Avoid potentially malicious or notorious websites with WOT warnings and block them as you wish. You can also report and read reviews about news sites that spread fake news.
✔ Real-time protection
We offer two modes: real-time protection and manual mode. Real-time protection allows you to surf the Internet, enhancing your online experience by actively notifying you of online threats like scams, malware and phishing.
✔ Adult content and parental control
Block websites with inappropriate content for children and make sure the whole family stays safe online
✔ Reviews
When visiting a site, users can submit a rating and review based on their personal experiences.
✔ Free Internet Security
Basic protection is free and always will be. We also offer more premium package layers (blacklist, helper, and more).

You can download the add-on from the links below:

Mozila Firefox / Google chrome / Opera

Add https everywhere:

https everywhere

In the past, the internet was wild and unencrypted, which led to many data leaks, credential theft, and website infections. To improve online security, a lot of sites are starting to switch from the regular HTTP protocol to the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. However, some websites still do not implement the necessary modifications, and if you visit them, you may be attacked by hackers.

HTTPS has three main advantages over HTTP.

authentication. When a connection is established between you and a website, this step confirms that you are visiting the exact intended website, and not a suspicious mirror site designed to steal your data.

encryption. This ensures that no one can spy on your online activities, thus greatly improving your privacy protection.

Data integration. This is a prevention mechanism that does not allow any modification or corruption of data during transmission.

HTTPS Everywhere enforces a secure transport protocol on all websites that are still running old and insecure settings. This extension was developed collaboratively by The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, two well-known groups in the cybersecurity world. This extension is completely free and available on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave and Firefox for Android.

It will benefit you from wonderful add-ons that protect you while browsing websites by encrypting data by converting those sites that have not yet been upgraded and activating the https safe browsing mode automatically without having to do it manually. And browsing more safely, and to download the extension, click on the link that suits you:

  https everywhere

adblock plus:

adblock plus:

Display ads help pay the bills for many websites, but those that appear unexpectedly in your browser can be annoying and intrusive.

It is a famous add-on that prevents websites from spying on you, as it works on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera browsers with an application for the extension on Android, which is known more in the field of blocking and blocking ads, but it is one of the add-ons that also provides functions that prevent Track user activity and habits on the Internet.

The goal of AdBlock Plus is to stop ads that disrupt your web browsing, including pop-ups, video ads, and blinking banner ads.

By default, AdBlock Plus allows acceptable ads, which are less intrusive but necessary for websites to continue offering free content. You can turn this option off if you don’t want to see any ads at all.

To configure the extension, right-click the AdBlock Plus toolbar icon and select Options On the options screen, you can block certain types of tracking, add whitelisted websites that show ads you don’t mind seeing, and include or remove filter lists to determine site types Banned ads.

To configure the extension, right-click the AdBlock Plus toolbar icon and select Options On the options screen, you can block certain types of tracking, add whitelisted websites that show ads you don’t mind seeing, and include or remove filter lists to determine site types Banned ads.

From this window, you can turn off ad blocking for a specific site. If AdBlock Plus misses an element that you consider to be an ad, click the Block Element button, then select the element on the page you want to block.

Another function of Adblock Plus is to block the social network share buttons, which are present on many Internet pages. Even if you don’t click on it, they can generate data that is sent to the respective networks regarding the pages you visit. Thus, the feature can generate additional protection.

adblock plus



Websites, advertisers, and other third-party companies track our online activities, but knowing who is tracking us and where they are doing is a challenge.

This add-on, Disconnect, entered the list of the top 100 scientific innovations in recent years, due to the great benefit it provides and the importance of this add-on in that it protects you from expected attacks in addition to that it prevents tracking and can hide your identity while browsing, and it is one of the free and beautiful add-ons that You can rely on it, and once you install the extension on your browser and click on its icon, it will give you sites that try to track your activity such as Google and Facebook, and you can prevent any site from spying on you just by clicking on it.

The basic version of Disconnect allows you to view and block web trackers. For $50 a year, the premium version runs into the VPN and a panel that shows you which sites you’ve blocked.

Go to a website like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or even Google, then click the Disconnect toolbar icon. The extension displays a list of the different types of tracking requests for this site – ads, analytics, social networks, and content.

Click on a specific type of request to see the names of the actual trackers. Block individual trackers by deselecting them or turning off this type of tracking altogether for this site. You can whitelist the site to unblock all tracking and view a visual graph of the site to see all blocked and unblocked tracking connections.

You can download it according to the type of browser you are using from the links below:

Mozila Firefox / Google chrome / Opera

ghostery :


It is an add-on that works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers, and it is one of the famous add-ons in the field of preventing user activity. Once installed on your browser, clicking on its icon will give you a list of sites that track your activity, and you can block any site just by dragging the existing icon in front of him until it turns red.

Ad blocking:

Ghostery‘s built-in ad blocker removes ads from the webpage to eliminate clutter so you can focus on the content you want.

Protect your privacy:

Ghostery allows you to view and block trackers on the websites you browse to control who collects your data. Also, improved anti-tracking anonymizes your data to further protect your privacy.

Browse faster:

Ghostery Smart Blocking speeds up page loading and improves page performance by automatically blocking and blocking trackers to meet page quality standards.

Display customization:

Ghostery offers multiple dashboards for displays and statistics so you can see information that’s relevant to you.

New default settings:

With Ghostery 8, Enhanced Anti-tracking, Enhanced Ad Blocking and Smart Blocking are the default settings that provide a cleaner, faster, and safer browsing experience on the go. These settings can be adjusted at any time.

Why choose Ghostery?

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker is a comprehensive privacy protection extension. It’s the first to combine the best blocklist and artificial intelligence-powered anti-tracking technologies. Enhanced ad blocking works in tandem with an improved ‘Anti-tracking’ feature to block any ads that may escape through. Finally, this powerful extension speeds up pages and improves overall page performance.


Privacy badger:

Privacy badger:

Privacy Badger is developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the same people who worked on HTTPS Everywhere. This extension is primarily designed to disable as many online trackers as possible. Although it has received some criticism, the software has steadily been upgraded to what we now know as one of the most efficient trackings disable tools.

Privacy Badger is unique in that it uses the heuristics model, which means that it does not have a pre-defined database of blacklisted trackers, but rather recognizes them while browsing. At first, it may seem that it is not working and many trackers are still going through it, but the more you use it, the more trackers it will block. In general, terms, if Privacy Badger encounters the same tracker three times, it adds it to its list of future blocks.

Keep in mind that by disabling the trackers, this extension can break the webpage and prevent it from loading, but they have the option to disable the program for the respective page, and you can send them an error for their review. It’s completely free and available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Firefox for Android.

After entering the add-on’s website, just click on the install statement, where the Google Chrome logo appears to download the extension to this browser, but if you want to install it on Firefox, click on the “Click here for Firefox version” that you find below the installation icon. As soon as you install the extension on your browser and click on its icon, you will notice a window with the sites, and the green color means that the site is not trying to spy on you, while the red color means that it tried to do so, and it has been stopped by the extension.

privacy badger


Reminder: these are the last three additions:

disconnect  / ghostery / privacy badger 

It performs almost the same function, so it is recommended to install only one of them on each browser so that there is no conflict.

This was a group of the best and very special add-ons that prevent websites from spying on you and protect your privacy on the Internet, which I advise you to be safe while browsing the Internet, and I hope you like it and let us know your opinion of it in the comments.